Crisis Music


history is made at night
Nearly 18 months into current financial crisis, the immediate risk of banks collapsing etc. might have gone but the real impact on the rest of us is just starting in terms of cuts, redundancies and general austerity. Greece and Ireland today, here tomorrow?

So where's the crisis music? Talking about music that explicitly references what's going on, rather than just generic ahistorical dread to be found in much dubstep. There's that Dizzee track 'Can't tek no more' that brings it all back to sex:

we're headin into a recession
no banks no loans no mortgages
we're one step away from depression
cant even work out the cause of it
and everybody else gotta forfeit
wanna buy a house but they we just cant afford it
and its so unfortunate
money lenders are extortionate

so you gotta move in with your m8s or ur mum
aint got a place of ur own now ur glum
feelin dum its a crowded house and u cant have fun
cuz wen u have sex they can hear wen u cum

What else?