tommy gun from roll deep/whilehouse


simon silverdollar

tommy gun from roll deep/whileout ones

if you haven't heard him, you need to. he's one of the really young ones in the roll deep entourage- i'm not even sure if his voice has broken yet. he's amazing- a really distinctive, urgent, kinda strident, sound to his voice. he takes over tracks as soon as he starts to MC, just like dizzee does (used to?)

he's on aim high 2 and i might post an mp3 of him up later in the day.
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sean downes

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"I used to write 8 bar lyrics, now i write sixes about my life, i'm only 15 i wanna lot in my life, just like him i wanna eat pies, so don't come with that shit cos your lyrics are lies"


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was he the guy who got the massive final reload at goldsmith's? Gods gift was sort of pushing him forward and getting the mic off scratchy for him. touching.

(hi sean, come back to london!)