Laptop stands recommendations


The Heatwave
I need to get a laptop stand for live shows - ideally to position the laptop above the mixer in a club set up

Any recommendations of good makes/models to go for?



^^ Really? I set about selling mine minutes after opening the package. I didn't like having to use plastic ties to keep the top from flipping up and the middle shelf seemed iffy. Maybe it would have been fine if I'd used it out but I just imagined a drunk, flailing arm sending everything flying. That said, it's hard to find one that will fit in your bag.


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The plastic ties are just for extra safety I think. I never use them anyway the top just stays down and I haven't had any problems.

I know what you mean about the middle shelf but I just use the velcro they give you on the bottom of the Serato box and its fine.

I had a look at a few of them in the shop and preferred the way this one worked compared to the bracket type of stand. If you actually put the base under the decks or mixer I can't see any of them getting knocked over that easily anyway.

Magma make them as well but I haven't had a go with any of those