"Boom cheBoom Cha"


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Kwaito/Kuduro/Soca etc Rhythm

Anyone know about where this rhythm originated? I know Soca was influenced from Indian instruments and rhythms combined with Calypso but I guess its as likely to have come from Africa also (origins of kwaito and kuduro). I'm guessing UK funkys influence is from soca? Would be interested to know if theirs any writings on its lineage.

edit - Ok well from a bit of reading it looks like Kuduro was directly influenced by Soca also.. should of put this in the music (cred) questions thread really !
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if anyones interested (and not put off by the silly title) it seems like its most likely stemmed from a stripped down element of east indian tassa druming, which can be heard in full going over early soca anyway.


Interesting discussion here, if you can be bothered to trawl through all the arguments about whether soca came from trinidad and tobago or not.

Seems like theirs two schools of thought either

Soca = Soul + Calypso = African Descent
Soca (adapted from SoKah) = Calyp(So) + Indian Influence(Ka) = Indian Descent


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then theres this ...

The name of the rhythm isn't mentioned (which if there was one would probably elimate the possibility of Indian roots) so it could still be taken from Kuduro which is claimed to have been influenced from Soca.