Washington DC recommendations


I shall be swanning around Washington DC later this month. All I know about the place is that I went there when I was seven and I once read a George Pelecanos novel and a book by Henry Rollins. Also I think the King of America lives there, or something. Does anyone have any recommendations? Bars, restaurants, clubs, bookshops, record shops, peculiar things, etc etc.

I am going with family, so who knows how much of your fun things I'll actually get to do. All I know thus far is I'm going to an Ethiopian place called Zed's for my birthday.



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it's got to be one of the best western cities for Ethiopian so that's good news for a start.

Kramerbooks is a famous, pretty tightly packed bookshop and attached cafe-bar/diner - very much a pick-up joint, though granted you are w fam - near Dupont Circle metro stop.

Rock Creek Park is good for a walk around. (tbf so is the Tidal Basin, which is a lot smaller perimeter and nearer town, the Mall, etc.) also i like the buffalo sculptures on one of the tall road/pedestrian bridges that cross over the valley.

i wish i could tell you about good shops for go-go but i can't.

you like your beer don't you? in the same area as Kramer, the Brickskeller bar has over 1,000 bottles. sounds absurd but hey.


I fucking love beer. I was just logging on to ask for recs on breweries/beers to look out for. Cheers Scott.

Thanks for the other tips too. I do love a good bookshop.

Also if anyone knows any good clothes shops? My parents are buying me garms as a birthday gift, so it has to be somewhere that's not averse to little old ladies and fat, ill-tempered Irishmen.


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not a scooby re clothes, sorry. presumably trendy neighborhoods like Adams-Morgan will be full of interesting boutiques though. if it's b'day clothes you may be looking for something a bit special but can i say in US High Street terms i've always rated Old Navy for basics.

just came on again to say re beer although i don't know owt re local craft brews, Delaware isn't a million miles away and DE's very own Dogfish Head are one of the top craft brewers over there, a lot of hoppy fare on their card AFAIK for one. so in terms of more upmarket beer, i bet you might see some of that.

American cooking lager like PBR or Old Style is much the same as cooking lager anywhere else so not disastrous, you'd just know what you are getting and so will not be surprised either way.

in the admittedly perhaps unlikely event you stumble across a boutique beer bar type place w a massive card, a personal list of US craft breweries that i really rate and worth looking out for IMO inc

Bells of Michigan
Rogue of Oregon
North Coast of California


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Baltimore is pretty close to DC and Brewer's Art there brews their own beer. I think they bottle their "Resurrection" ale so you may find it there.

As far as club "U Street Music Hall" opened recently and though I haven't been I've heard that the sound system is top notch and there are lots of great events already scheduled. Michael Mayer is playing on the 25th and there are some big names on Friday nights playing house.

There's a record fair at The Black Cat on Sunday the 23rd. Info here: http://www.facebook.com/?sk=events#!/event.php?eid=102086969835430

There's a pretty decent cafe/bookstore "Busboys and Poets" in a sorta trendy part of town (better as a place to eat / hang out / do things on your laptop as the bookstore is a bit perfunctory).

You probably know that most museums in DC are free to enter.

Uh...yeah, I don't know much about DC. Baltimore is better :cool:


Wicked, thanks for the tips. My mum is from the other Washington so I've drunk nuff nuff Rogue (and found it most nice), but will def try the other ones.