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Can anyone recommend any decent radio shows/DJs/places to find out more about this sort of thing? most of my knowledge comes from Fact, Wire and Boomkat

By the way, I realise there's a Oneohtrix Point Never thread somewhere but 'Returnal' is a cracking album


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This might help:


A blog and a radio show. Not 100% hypnagogic but certainly relevant.

And yes, Retrunal rules. I've heard a lot of people hating on it but - to me - it's a confirmation of the scope of Daniel Lopatin's talent. He's no mere retro-synth copy-cat.


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Anyone heard the new Hype Williams album?

yes, and it's great, much better than the first. i reckon the next album will be even better though.

other Hypnagogic recommendations would be Ferraro's Night Dolls With Hairspray, really great.

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might be into this, free album download also Here...

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Leaving Records have been killin it for a while

<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/WG2UZC7bBuI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>