wanted: Jammer "destruction vip" riddim


Trumpet Police
There's about 4 Jammer (or related) 12"/EPs knocking about at the moment and one of them has a good instrumental remix of 'destruction' (- can tell you which one it's on when when I get home later)


I saw dem EPs on ukrecordshop.com

Fire Hydrant EP
The Grave Yard EP
The World Destruction EP (with Destruction 4 pon it)

I ordered Grave Yard. Too eerie to pass up. Was gonna get World Destruction too but I already spent to much that day. Fire Hydrant sounds way too much like that thing on the flip side of Ice Cream Man. Murcul Man Out Burst is just Jammer spitting (if you call it that) on an inferior Colder.


Trumpet Police
they are a bit hit and miss, but there was at least one track on all of them so I copped the lot....'cos wear neckle' is the stand out track for me


gasoline for haters
coz wear neckle is dope, ears on chiney chin is dope, Lewi White's whole Graveyard EP is dope, and all criticism of jammer's spitting aside I really like Murckle Man Outburst