transforming movement [drum n bass mix]

Tony Flavourmore

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hi all.

this is my mix. there are possibly many like it, but this one is mine.

here's the tl:

photek - something else (the bleeps tune)
gremlinz and rumbleton - sometimes i get depressed
phace - hyzer
paradox - dioxide 170873
hive - gemini
gremlinz - annexed
phace - vitamin p
paradox - bad ambient
polar - headgames
sinthetix - imperial
seba - pressure point
stealth & stylus - no way out
noisia - conscience
paradox - chords & dischords
kemal & sinthetix - anomaly
sinthetix - glass
raiden - pizdets (the sound of talinn)
future prophecies - fighting without fighting
bad company - belini
breakage - so vain
bad company - true romance

and the linkage:

awesome image graphic tracklist thing:

keep it cycular :cool: