Can anyone recommend some underground rave/euphoria?


I'm especially interested in artists that use synths which have been side chained compressed to create that swelling pump effect. Maybe there are artists who use this technique creatively but are on the vast "ambient" spectrum. I dont know. I haven't really found anything and Im kind of at a loss as where to start.

Any feedback would be much appreciated!



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you might like lone. I think virtually all his songs are completley sidechained to the kick. Defintiely has some rave euphoria sounding elements in the songs aswell.



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Thanks, Lone is someone I have been meaning to give some listening time too but haven't yet.

Really good

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that is a nice image...

i think, in regards to the original post, mostly i wouldnt assosiate sidechaining/pumping with underground rave, more with the wonky, flying lotus/samiyam type stuff

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also with pumping electro house stuff (like that new black eyed peas thing, or "bonkers" by armand van helden, but its not exactly underground).

really like the technique though, its like minus beats, use it pretty much all the time in my stuff to punch holes in things