the revolution will be televised


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For a few seconds, radio here in ny broadcasted pure audio of street noise and chanting...reminded me of sclesi or xennaxis. I can imagine certain cable news producers telling people to put some b.s. stock music over the top to dilute.

Actually, I'm now on the hunt for audio of massive crowds and protests. Zhao?


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Credit Al J - their offices have been closed by Egyptian govt, but they're still broadcasting live pics.

Sounds like the protesters have just twigged that the army may not be their friends.

This could be about get very ugly.


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Looks like the empire is striking back...

Army letting Mubarak's thugs through, hundreds injured in Tahir Sq.

Now there's reports they're turning the lights out.


Blair is such a wanker. Someone stone him to death and burn down his house please.