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Moster Sirphine
^ that's a nice tune! i think it doesn't have to be longer than 1:27, 'cos i could imagine it used as somekind of prelude in dj set.

Local Authority

bitch city
Would like to hear how that song ends up coming out. Its boiling in London atm and listening to that definitely adds to it. Great atmosphere.

Some bits. Most are quite silly.

http://snd.sc/LkmO3b&g=bb">http://snd.sc/LkmO3b&g=bb" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="100%%"> http://snd.sc/LkmO3b">http://snd.sc/LkmO3b
http://snd.sc/LkmXDQ&g=bb">http://snd.sc/LkmXDQ&g=bb" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="100%%"> http://snd.sc/LkmXDQ">http://snd.sc/LkmXDQ
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in je ogen waait de wind
Since I have so much trouble making something coherent I decided to present my newest output "in the mix". I just can't figure out how to make a good balance, to have a decent intro et cetera.


My track starts at 0:40 and ends at around 03:10. It's a bit grimey. The complete tracklist looks as follows:

darq e freaker ft. danny brown - blueberry (sinden & 5kinandbone5 remix)
various artists - unknown title (comes from a fade to mind compilation)
yyaldrin - unknown title
walton- all night