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remember the jackalope
I read this a while back. Really enjoyed it. Been reflecting on it a bit now that everyone is abuzz about the R&R Hall of Fame hullaballoo. Respect to Axl Rose for calling them out for being the anti-thesis of the spirit of rock and roll. Nice that he identified Hanoi Rocks as his influence. Listening to HR is like a decoder ring for GNR records. I can't listen to them without hearing a teenaged Axl's voice singing along in my head.


Pregnant with mandrakes
I see Andy McCoy and Mike Monroe on the street all the time here in Finland. Once McCoy unwittingly dropped his scarf and I picked it up and caught up with him to return it. Another time he purposefully strummed an acoustic guitar into my face in the beer garden of his local restaurant.


Who loves ya, baby?
A Satin Island of the Mind -

What’s operating against McCarthy’s avant-gardism, however, is a lack of political-historical significance. This political-historical context, or lack of it, rather, is key, I think, for a deeper understanding of Satin Island. Reading McCarthy’s new novel, I was reminded of something another fellow Brit, the film documentarian Adam Curtis, said in a 2012 e-flux interview about “our age”, that “we’re in the years of stagnation” artistically, culturally, economically speaking. Our “music, TV, and avant-garde art — is being used to shore up the present, reconfigure the past to somehow give a foundation to the present that can’t imagine another kind of future.” Curtis, who has convincingly traced the ways in which power has manifested itself in the 20th and 21st centuries, suggests our artists now are like archeologists mining the recent past, unable to look to the future.