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I've never got this. Generally these 'cutting edge' UK people tend to get some good designers on board but to my mind this is freakin ugly. I think Fact included it in a 'worst sleeves' feature as well.

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There was an era of Virus releases where they were self designed by Ed Rush or Optical (can't remember, Optical I think was responsible).



Not a sleeve but the picture on the middle of the Perversita record is horrible. I saw someone dj-ing with it and he'd actually made some pants out of a sticker and covered the offending parts of the masturbating under-age girl.


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DMZ Urban Ethics LP cover was pretty terrible.

FWIW those Optical designed VIRUS sleeves were supposed to be corny or cheeky or whatever as they were designed after 80s video game covers (or movies or art or some crappy digital art from the 80s)

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From the Pitchfork feature:

I remember seeing these japesters on a poster advertising a gig in Oxford last year. I wish I could forget, but I can't.

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Are we only doing recent sleeves? Or is it only a matter of time before someone busts out Zip Zap Rap? :D

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A mate of mine bought this in the mistaken belief that it was an album by The Liars:

IIRC the music was about as good as the sleeve.


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been thinking... it's hard to imagine mid-90s alternative record sleeves ever looking... not embarrassing... again (not that I even liked them at the time). what would have to shift, culturally, for people to go into that space again. I mean, what was that?

as far as 90s trends, rave and hip hop are probably a lot more likely to be picked through than "alternative", I imagine.


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All of the above take on the hue of renaissance masterpieces when one flicks through the Freeman brothers' A Crack in the Cosmic Egg. The worst I can remember featured a cartoon cow with a pair of human breasts.