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Okay, so I am going to be doing a vinyl night in London on Wednesday nights and I would like some of you an your mates to come down to play. Below is the blurb that I am pushing round the web at the moment but, yeah. Get in touch if you fancy it

Every Wednesday at Wax Jambu in Angel is a new night that I am starting. As the name suggests, all the music for the evening will be played from 'off the record'. All vinyl and vinyl only.

Every week I will be inviting down DJs to come down and play music from vinyl. It can be either their influences or stuff they have picked up in the local charity store. Just as long as its from vinyl. 7, 12 or 10 inch.

Alongside the DJs and themed nights will be YOU. If you have a record collection that you would like to share to other people other than your neighbours who bang on the walls then get in touch. You don't have to be a DJ or have DJ experience, just a record collection. You can play from 30 minutes to an hour. I will give you a quick run down on how to use the mixer and from then on in, you will entertain our ears.

I will be thinking of other things to add to the night, there will be some records that can be bought on the night, a swap shop where you can trade records and anything else I can think of really.

This all starts on the 22nd of June 2011 and will be every Wednesday. Each week will have a different theme or guests so just keep checking the internets.

Please forward this onto as many people as possible, there is a DJ in all of us!



Yeah, he said it was good. I'd be up for that, think I can make it next week if that's good for you although I'll have to double-check.