Synth Minimalism


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Let's have some!

Any genre any era. I guess I'm kind of after the more moody / introspective side of things, but the basic criterion is a focus on synth textures and not much else.

It's a tendancy that I've always been sort of aware of, but couldn't name many actual examples of.

Here's some Mika Vainio:

Much older but not all that minimal:

But stuff that sounds like Kode 9 and Spaceape's Sign of the Dub without the vocals is the sort of thing I'm really looking for...


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Tod Dockstader is quite good for delay on synths in that kinda way, this sort of thing or less arty? I can't stand it nowadays. Went to too many shit experimental gigs.

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I've listened to a lot of Eleh (and nearly took down the stage lights playing it on a 4kW sound system)..

Looooow frequency business (mostly ~.5 - 120Hz). Tone generators and pure waves, either on their own or modulating each other.
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Tight but Polite
Some excellent stuff here. See what you mean about the Laurie Spiegel. And tg / industrial generally is something I've always meant to have a listen to, but sort of put off because I've been too lazy and also because I'm worried that it won't be as good as what I imagine it sounding like.

The Eleh stuff is great - just the sort of thing I was after!