Small Film Festivals and Larissa Sheptiko


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If you didnt know (and there's no reason why you should) Leeds International Film Festival was over this weekend, I only got to one film. This leads me to two distinct questions:

a) The film i saw was directed by Larissa Shepitko ("Ty i Ya/You and Me"). There was included a retrospective of her work ( im missing the most acclaimed one tonight, "The Ascent"). The programme notes were trumpeting her as one of the most importnat russian film directors, and one of the most important woman directors in world cinema. I'd never heard of her, and after seeing "You and Me", I was too impressed. Turns out that film saw her dabbling insome experimental narrative technique, and this allied to the Russian habit of (to western eyes) rather melodramatic acting made it a bit of an odd experience, not a particulatly impressive or enjoyable one. Anyone know any more about her? Is there something I should definately check out of hers? Is there any way of ever seeing her films again?

b) I( dont know where LEeds Film festival came from (although its mostly funded by GNER), but what is the point? How many of these tiny festivals are there going on world wide? Im not bemoaning the chance to see loads of films, but looking through the programme If you didnt know (and there's no r... the programme ([url], nothign really stuck out as particularly good to watch. Isnt there a danger of just getting loads of stuff no one else wants? How good an indicator to qualkity of a festival is its reputation?