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so, anyone here interested in Diaspora?

its the new social network service thing that is de-centralised,as in you can host it on your own server as well as using others, still connects up, but your info doesnt have to be owned by a big corporation. open source is the term i think. kinda a bit like wordpress is a blog platform and somthing you can install on on any server...

it basically looks almost exactly like Google +, i think being open source means google can take anything diaspora did and just use it themselves, which is fair enough, but i think it being open means way more stuff will be produced for it, as it has the ethical support of lots of programmy freedom-of-information types

if anyone wants an invite lemme know... or has any news on things...


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Just looking into this now...

Interesting idea....

Maybe I'm not 2.0 enough or something though, I like having secreted away in odd little corners of the net....

Will probably make an 'account' though


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signed up to this a while ago but didn't really do anything on it cos no-one else I know has an account.

It's definitely a good idea, not sure I can ever see it catching on to the point of being useful though.

In a similar vein, there are and which offer open-source and (for thimbl) p2p versions of twitter.