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Not the only people to have made the ghostface reference re: action bronson.

. @noz I haven't reached the point in my life where I'm like ok I'm tired of every ghostface song let me hear a new one but by a white dude


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There's an amazing Nas verse on the Meek Mill album, which has to be the most insanely terrible thing I've ever heard. It's so bad I had to rewind it and listen to it twice. "I'm like an old blues guitarist AND like Jesus". Wow.

I like Traumatised and the title track but can't really hang with the rest so far.
Amazed to see that Trinidad James has a bit of heat about him in America now. This video's nearly at a million! It's really funny but dunno about the actual music like.

Listened to his bandcamp a while back and thought it was shit-
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Apparently Atlanta really wanted to like Lil' B, but they needed him to be homophobic, dress like a cheap 70s pimp, and be even worse at rapping than they think he is. That's my general take on it.

The rest of his tape has some redeeming moments, I mean, "Gold On My Macbook" is kind of like B's more confessional based-style, married to Outkast style flows (Makes sense, considering Andre's more heart-on-sleeve tendencies), over mock-Tyler style production. Granted, nothing UNIQUE, but as someone who was down that nobody decided to hear B and draw from his utopian-dreams, that was endearing to me.

Nope, instead I watch terrible writers go "OMG, TRAP STAR W/ A PUPPY!!!! AWWWW!" And I hate my life again.


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Damn, that Mouse on the Track tune is so good its made the Roc look shit by comparison. I haven't even listened to the tape properly yet, but the first half is great. Splice that and ''Mr Broke Da Knob'' together for a Louisiana classic.


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Roc Marciano album is brilliant. Never thought anyone from Flipmode could do anything like this tbh.

Been ages since there was a good album in that old ny style but it sounds really modern too I think. Really really good.


party record with a siren

There's a whole bunch of kids coming up now making this kind of stuff, isn't there? It's a sound that could have come out when they were less than 5 years old.

This track wouldn't have been out of place on an Eddie Ill and DL tape or whatever.

He's got a free Bandcamp release called 1993. I thought maybe it was just a reference to the general throwback sound, but then I realised it's probably also the year he was born:

Signed to XL now?



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On the subject of Hip Hop - anybody else hate Rizzle Kicks? I see their videos in the gym and I want to work harder so if I ever meet them in a dark alley (with James Corden in toe) I can put a stronger headlock on them.





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thoughts on finally rich? i think its a good, solid album actually, it has a wider spectrum of moods than i expected, and as a debut, i wish more major label debuts could be as cohesive as this, but keef isnt really strong enough as a rapper for me. i dont like is obv still colossal but if it wasnt for young chop i dont know if id want to listen to keef all that much. hes got energy but i cant really think of many memorable lines or phrases from the album, its more just about his presence than anything else. also heard the longlivea$ap album - its not bad, though it sounds overlaboured, and messed around with. not as good as live love asap.


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hes got energy but i cant really think of many memorable lines or phrases from the album, its more just about his presence than anything else.

This is definitely a major part of the appeal of this record for me. Reminds me of MC Tee on the Mantronix records, or maybe even the first Schoolly D record, vocals as just another layer. I'm sick of personality.