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This should make for an interesting discussion:

What of your music does your mum like/tolerate?

Mine is kinda unpredictable - when we're in the car, she loves anything by the DFA except 'Beat Connection' and 'Losing my Edge', she especially likes the Black Leotard Front record.

She can't really handle any variant on hiphop;
She adores Michael Mayer and the Kompakt stable;
Black Strobe is too repetitive.
She appreciates Sunn 0))) and Russell Haswell but can't listen to them;
She likes Cash Money Records instrumentals;
She thinks Patti Smith is boring;
She LOVES Screamadelica and Ian Brown's solo albums;
Happy Mondays are off the charts, particularly 'Wrote For Luck';
Sisters of Mercy is 'fun music' in her book;
Junior Boys don't get any reaction;
She digs 'Pretty Hate Machine' but not the later albums;
Glen Velez doesn't do well but Phoenecia scores;
Anything featuring Andy Weatherall goes to the top of list if she's about.
Vincent Gallo does 'okay', black metal is tolerated with tongue in cheek.

I'm slowly weening her onto Jamaican music via Wackies/Basic Replay/Burial Mix. She likes the more german, dubby stuff, but she obviously has no point of reference for the Roots and Reggae - although Stranger Cole, Gregory Isaacs and Dennis Brown do pretty well. Any tips?

What's your mum itno t


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let me tell you about my mother

christ, does your mum post to ILM or something? :D
actually mums are often like the mythical 'teenage girl' invoked occasionally on the pop thread, in that their taste in music appears to be entirely unideological*. i never fail to be at least slightly interested in friends' mum's record collections- i remember being awed once to find one who had a copy of 'the marble index' on the turntable.
dads are less musically adventurous- they all basically like joe cocker or elvis costello, depending on age

my mother's favourites are the following:-
tracey bloody chapman
the specials
nick drake
billie holiday
john martyn
any and every motown record
she also has a tendency to sing 'the internationale'.

generally we only seriously argue over robbie williams (who she finds rather sweet and i consider to be everything wrong with 21st century britain encapsulated in one person) and any hip hop/grime/dancehall (which to her is interminable shouting). and she calls any techno record 'trance'

i was listening to 'der mussolini' by DAF once and she absolutely loved it and demanded a was the synth sound she liked. i tried playing her electro records thinking she might like them as well, which she didn't. also recently pronounced 'loveless' 'really interesting'...

*nb my mum is a lifelong marxist, as was her mum, hence this is amusing
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Your mothers sound impeccably schooled in contemporary hipster culture. I wish I could say the same about mine. Actually I wish I could say that about myself. My Mother is a piano teacher, but doesn't really seem that interested in checking out music much. Occasionally I play her things I write, which seem to interest her, but more in terms of the process of creation rather than the music itself. We did have a jam a few months ago, I attempted to play drums while she played bossa and easy listening stuff on her electric piano. It was tremendous fun actually.


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the quick answer is "black american music between 1960-1986". she kinda lost her way with modern music after rap began dismantling rnb, but she likes some rap and some of the more neo-soul-y current rnb.


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My mom likes Bruce Springsteen and "classic R&B" and that guy who does that song. You know the one.


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one of the highlights of my life is when i catch my mom singing the chorus to a popular rap song of the moment. the classic will always be dmx's "party up".


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billy fury
the everleys
roy orbison
del shannon
the hollies
glen campbell
and don mclean
strangely in the last year or so i have gone out and bought cds of nearly all these artists in some kinda attempt to return to sounds before i had my own records.