Music Conspiracy Thread - How/Who/What/Where/Why??


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With the internet and our all knowing all seeing generation do people try to drum up some drama for themselves or have you ever wondered how things in the 'music scene/industry' happen?

As I get older and more cynical, I find myself asking these questions all the time.

I would like to state, I am not a 'hater' people can do what ever they like and if it brings them success then great but sometimes, I just don't understand why. Consider me like an old man with a smart phone.

Y'all can kick it of or we can let Kim Dotcom's arch enemies shut this shit down, Rapid(share)

Why is Lana Del Ray huge? Her Dad is a millionaire, why did she need a label?

Why was form 696 set up and why are the music industry trying to get it removed now, do they now see British 'black' music marketable after saying for years on end 'there is no market for it'

Y'all turn