what's yer top 10 - albums, singles, whatever


Beast of Burden
We need one of these threads - they're actually pretty useful for picking up tips on stuff and finding out what people are feeling.

1) Freedom Blues - Jah Cure - VP
Best reggae album I've heard in ages, especially Jah Jah Bless Me.

2) Guns N Roses Vol.1 - Ruff Sqwad
You all know this.

3) Teedra Moses - Out Of My Head - TVT (from the album Complex Simplicity)
Really overlooked album and this track is just killer - moody and ballsy, with bounce and, boy, can this girl sing.

4) Stone Love - The Mixtape
Heaps of great rhythms and a belting section on the Rose Gold, but the start of this mix is why i love it so much - a version of the Thompson Twins' Hold Me Now by Wayne Wonder!

5) Sleepy Dog riddim - Steely & Clevie
Superb rhythm, with pounding beats, big drops and synth riffs, several pretty good vocal versions and two great ones by Mr Vegas and Famous Face

6) Irob riddim - Ward 21
A typical Ward 21 production full of huge, crunchy percussion, big woozy Arabian flourishes and a fantastic version by Bounty Killer that sounds like a breakcore remix of Lean Back

7) Latino Pride - Lil Cee, Sal Parm & DJ Skribble (featured on Reggaeton Traxx 11)
The most exhuberant, crazy party of your life jammed into 5 glorious arseshaking minutes.

8) Fuck Action 40 - OG Ron C
A recommendation from DavidD and one you should listen to. Far and away the most quality Screwed & Chopped mix I've heard (4CDs, too!), featuring loads of syrupy ballads and old R&B standards, from The Chi-lites and Smokey Robinson to Ciara, Tweet and Christina Aguilera - you won't believe how great Beautiful sounds pitched down and chopped up.

9) Can't Stop Won't Stop by Jeff Chang
Quite simply the best book on hip-hop ever written.

10) Namebelts

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simon silverdollar

at the moment:

1] gype riddim by Imp Batch

2] geht noch, by alter ego's roman flugel.

3] dj rupture unreleased track (watch out for his forthcoming stuff, cuz it's ultra biggle).

4] all of shizuo's stuff. [just rediscovering this].

5] black strobe [initial doubts over gothy-dark electro-house now swept away in a storm of huge sawtooth synth riffs].

6] the apprentice on bbc 2.

7] remute 'bounce'. [on trapez records. remute finds a whole new, minimal and joyful, path to the hands in the air techno anthem].

8] ariel pink 'doldrums': needed to check this out after reading about it on dissensus and i love it. can't wait to play it on a hot and hazy summer's day.

9] tommy guns from roll deep entourage/ whileout ones. to get all broadsheetish and boring (but, perhaps, accurate): he's the next dizzee.

10] rex the dog.


1. lady stush - dollar sign

2. more fire - oi

3. alex smoke - dont see the point

4. matthew jonson - followed by angels

5. the sound of the wind chime next to my bedroom window

6. an old avalanches mix off the radio

7. prefuse 73 - choking you

8. enduser - not so distant drums

9. four tet - smile around the face

10.feist - gatekeeper


stelfox said:
10) Namebelts


Come on man, ya gotta get with the times. The new shit is the iced out scrolling programmable LCD belt buckle! ;)

My faves for the moment:

- That Amerie track
- Yin Yang Twins Whisper Track
- New Clipse Re-Up Boys tune
- Loefah Monsoon rmx
- Loefah Crackbong rmx
- Sunship ft. Warrior Queen Almighty Father
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currently obsessing me, in no particular order-
1) superlongevity 3
is it just me, or is this oddly sexual music? all squelches and pulsations, like miked up internal and external organs, 'cept with a v strict rhythm....need more perlon stuff really...)
2) slk- hype hype (wonder remix)
i sort of go through phases of paying attention and not paying attention to grime, and am currently in one of the latter- but this stuck out, all that eerie tension and growling.
3) robyn archer sings brecht vol 2
(inspiring my so far only thread), am still pottering round singing 'mankind! is kept! alive! by bestial acts!' to myself. was pleased to see momus big this up on his blog t'other week
4) rammstein- keine lust (black strobe remix)
no, goth electro house is a GREAT idea!
5) basic channel- the climax (basic reshape)
swirls around, all smudged and dusty, for 14 minutes, lovely....
6) a neue deutsche welle/german post-punk tape i made for a friend
and haven't given to them yet. gie in die knie! mackle mit den heuften! beweg deinen hintern!
7) unemployment
ah, the joys of waking at 2 on a spring day....
8) the squat on gower st (sorry, 'institute of autonomy')
excellent risotto and a film programme, what more could you want
9) keith hudson- i'm all right
10) halloumi cheese
when you can afford it


1) Dead Boys - 'Young Snotty and Loud' CD - dumbcore '77 punk classic
2) Peter King - 'Step on the Gas' - off the Meme/Eden mix - superb - and excellently mixed with no overlapping tracks, so I can CD-R it for people and pretend I've always had it on 12"
3) MIA - 'Fire Fire' (I like it, so fuck you!)
4) Francois Rabbath
5) Marta Acuna - 'Dance Dance Dance' (old disco record)
6) V/A - 'Thai Beat A Go Go Vol. 2' (moved on from the 'nutso' tracks and now enjoying the cover of 'Funky Broadway')
7) The Depressions - s/t CD - shouty '77 Brighton punks who had identical blonde spikey hairdos and views on women that make NWA sound like Le Tigre. "Hey there mister what's that hangin from your pocket / Looks like a ten pound note / Let me save you the trouble of spending too much / I'll kick your teeth right down your throat /No squealing to the pigs or I'll break your back / And on your deathbed I'll come and gloat!" Quite amusing.
8) Lee Perry - 'Scratch the Upsetters Again' - the orig. Trojan CD release from 1988, with way more tracks (about 28) than the crap reissue. Forgotten how amazing this is - mad stripped down funk workouts like 'Popcorn' and 'Catch This', the cool as you like "Eastwood Rides Again", and "The Result", which (honestly) sounds like Chas and Dave jamming with Gary Numan (no, honestly)
9) The Birthday Party - 'Pleasure Avalanche' (bonus track on 'Mutiny in Heaven / Bad Seed' CD) -really great, like Iggy Pop wished he could do it, slow dark writhing cavernous chaos. 'Mutiny in Heaven' the track itself is perfect for all you anti-papists to go download today
10) Vector Lovers - 'Shinjuku Girl' sample clip on Boomkat. Makes me want to go to Tokyo again.


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"5) Sleepy Dog riddim - Steely & Clevie
Superb rhythm, with pounding beats, big drops and synth riffs, several pretty good vocal versions and two great ones by Mr Vegas and Famous Face"

I have an Elephant Man ("Girls Anthem" an interpolation of "Deep and Wide") and Spragga Benz ("Wine Up On Me") version of this (both are great--it's a classic totally ol' school sounding riddim.) I will have to look for the two you mention though (and the Buju track "Ride"? too.)

Diggedy Derek

Stray Dog
Ammoncontact- like Theo Parrish goes hip hop
Animal Collective / Vashti Bunyan- translucent beauty
Jammer- "Neckle"- awful lyrics but it's hectic to the nth degree, and I can't
stop it circling and murcling round my head.
Ruff Squad recorded off 1Xtra- implacable, humourless beats
Sam Prekop album- sunny day ennui
Roll Deep The Avenue- an ice-cream cute tune but a real charmer with it
World Psychedelic Classics 3- "the funky fuzzy sounds of West Africa"
Anything and everything Sway related


Jacques Tati films
Japanese Yakuza films
Me love that Playstation 2, that Pro Evo 4


can't be stopped
Haha I've got one of those, stelfox! Mine just says "Dee" and it has the "diamonds" around the outside.

1. OG Ron C - Fuck Action 40: you heard about it from Dave, this is too great

2. DJ Harry - Bhangra Blast 2 - NYC DJ who mixes up some great recent hiphop/bhangra, and the flows don't sound like crazytown! Terrific.

3. New Common album - People will hate but i like it and find it v. comforting.

4. Aim High 2 - like anyone on here doesn't know what this is!

5. having finished my independent study project, even if the college is currently fucking with me about having not "officially" submitted a title or some other bureaucratic BS

6. Cheap Chingo Bling merchandise!

7. Summer dance parties!!! Tonight!!!

8. R&B of all kinds - Ashanti to Brooke Valentine to Bobby Valentino

9. beautiful weather!!!!

10. six-pack of red stripe and no more classes til monday.

Diggedy Derek

Stray Dog
Aim High 2 - like anyone on here doesn't know what this is!

I love the way that at the start of the CD, God's Gift "introduces" it by starting ".....and you already know what this is! So I'm not going to tell you again!"


Minerva Estassi
1 Prozac
2 It's Raining Tonight
3 My Cat
4 Sabina
5 David Foster Wallace - Infinite Jest
6 Giacinto Scelsi - Strings Quartets
7 Lars Von Trier - Kingdom
8 Annie - Anniemal
9 Aa.Vv - Time Machine a Vertigo Anthology
10 Captain Harlock
11 Jack Daniel


Prodigal Son
1. bit torrent
2. swapping shit via yousendit
3. finnish trancecore (no lie!)
4. ruff sqwad - guns & roses
5. lost - best new show on tv this year by a mile
6. the shield - not as good as previous years, but no one can fuck with vic mackie
7. hoovers - best rave sound ever
8. perfect spring weather - not too hot, not too cold
9. long walks
10. alex bellos 'futebol: the brazilian way of life' just re-read it for the fourth time!


11. pov porn


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Stelfox, you know I've got a name belt buckle.. it's the best tour investment I ever made, when you're playing places where you don't speak the language, people still know who you are.

my top ten for today at least

1. Enduser "Manouvre" EP
2. Murder Bot's latest on Mashit (Mashit 7)
3. DJ Cajmere's remix of DaJae's U Got Me Up (rediscovered it, played it on the radio, can't stop listening to it)
4. Toasty's "The Knowledge" (probably old news to y'all but so so good to me,)
5. Timeblind's "Rastabomba"
6. constructus "it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing" on African Dope
7. radio.echoditto.com bruce sterling's creepy cranky interview with my pal Jimmy Tones
8. "tiny plaid ninjas" at albinoblacksheep.com
9. Neals Yard Dairy Montgomery's Cheddar (as long as you don't look at the price here ouchhh)
10. this bit of news especially the priceless last sentence: PAPER: KREMLIN ASKED ROCK STARS TO KEEP QUIET
Deputy presidential-administration head Vladislav Surkov earlier this month held a closed-door meeting with leading Russian rock musicians, during which he asked them not to participate in events that could provoke "an orange revolution" in Russia, "The Moscow Times" reported on 31 March.
Some participants in the meeting, which took place at a Moscow hotel, told the daily that Surkov, the Kremlin's chief ideologue, did not conceal his concern that Russia could see a repetition of recent events in Ukraine, where rock musicians played an important role in rallying Ukrainian youth in support of the Orange Revolution. Surkov said the authorities would like to be able to count on the support of the musicians, but added that they should at least remain neutral in the event of an uprising, "


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1. springtime!: daylight savings, warm weather, SUNSHINE, attractive people in fewer clothes, leaves on the trees, warm breezes...i thought it would never come

a very distant 2-10

2. scarface - the fix
3. queens of the stone age - rated r
4. the temptations - psychedelic soul
5. yuengling
6. outkast - southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
7. habanero hot sauces
8. king sunny ade - best of the classic years
9. enduser - comparing paths
10. d'angelo - voodoo


1. Hear Me - Slipmatt
2. Mylo - Drop the Pressure (yeah the music is a bit sub daft punk, but the vocoder work is so nice and catchy I'm prepared to forgive it its faults - the new classical mix is an improvement, but i get the feeling a better mix could be done)
3. Luther Vandross I wanted your Love - so crisp
4. destruction VIP - jammer etc
5. We can make it- Purple Flash - on Morgan geist's unclassics - Disco with Pathos, shades of sakamoto
6. Anthony Rother - Don't stop the beat
7. Don't Let go - Fischerspooner (lyrically a bit like wire - apparently they're been working with Susan Sontag?)
8. Ariel Pink - for kate I wait
9. Snoop dogg - let's get blown and drop it like it's hot
10. a new day - twin, wideboy remix, loved it when i first heard, have been getting over excited about it again lately - thx mic.
11. downloading karaoke .cdg/mp3 files for winamp from dc++'s karaoke hubs and trying to rap like snoop dogg. And doing MORAOR (woebot tm ;) ) songs is pretty fun too.


cobblestone jazz, moves - it is what it is.
tamone - touch the sky on applause riddim
virus syndicate - work related illness
minus compilation
!!! covering magnetic fields
burial ep on hyperdub recordings
kode9- fukkas
that peter king step on the gas off john and paul's mix
documentary about the west memphis three (3 kids in the states locked up wrongfully for murdering children because of satanic scare tactics) called paradise lost http://www.wm3.org/
that amerie track
my new orchid
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Tesco Choc Ices (89p for loads)
Phonique and Erland Oye- For the Time Being
Dr Who new series
Cause=Time- Broken Social Scene
Newham Gens show from two weeks ago
Manga from Roll Deep
Frankie - Benga (jeff samuel remix)
Welwyn Garden City Library
Le Corbusier's town planning at Pessac
Nathan Fake- Dinamo
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hot on the heels of love
1.aki ondo -bon voyage
2.robert rental/thomas leer-the bridge
3.fatcat splits
4.ariel pink
5.david cunningham-grey scale
6.poppys-musique populaire
7. various kode 9 mixes
8.whitehouse-wriggle like a fucking eel
9.fad gadget- rickys hand
10.sutcliffe jugend-right to kill
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