Chocolate Chip Showcase Mix 01


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Spurred on by the reaction these tracks were getting at the last Shuffle, I decided to put together a mix featuring tracks exclusively from Chocolate Chip producers, Driscoll, Levi Kage and Gold Bloom. Tracks range from love songs to overly hype dance floor destroyers.

  1. Driscoll - Chels
  2. Driscoll - Can’t Get You
  3. Levi Kage - Womps Forest
  4. Gold Bloom - My Mistake
  5. Levi Kage - Back In My
  6. Gold Bloom - Power Is Black
  7. Gold Bloom - Gatehouse
  8. Levi Kage - Be There
  9. Gold Bloom - Fesitval ft. Schubone
  10. Gold Bloom - To Think With
  11. Levi Kage - Call Me James
  12. Gold Bloom - Seriously Bruv
  13. Levi Kage - Made In Hackney
  14. Gold Bloom - Stress Relief
  15. Levi Kage - I Love Her Eyes
  16. Levi Kage - Uncurl
  17. Levi Kage - Lovers Dance
  18. Gold Bloom - Audacity Bass Boost
  19. Gold Bloom & Levi Kage - No More Nails
  20. Driscoll - What’s Your Type
  21. Gold Bloom - Team Hugo

These aren’t all the tracks I’m sitting on but I feel it properly represents just under a year of work from the producers to help push Chocolate Chip forward.

If you like it, spread it like Nutella.

- Roshman

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Took me a little while to get round to listening to this, but I really like it. Quite a lot better overall than I was expecting if I'm being honest. My favorite tracks are probably some of the Gold Bloom ones - Power Is Black, Gatehouse, Festival - although some of the Levi Kage ones like Call Me James & Womp's Forest are excellent too. Good work. :D


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Thanks for the love Andy. :)

Episode 50 is going to debut a new one from Gold Bloom and at some point this week we're putting out a 19 track mixtape for free with 100% new content, so watch out for that.