UMF Saturday 16th April - who's reaching?

Fairly awful commercial line up on the main stage - Will Smith? Xzibit? - but the saving grace has to be the RWD AAA area. Thank god for RWD.

Over the two days we bring you the cream of the UK – Kano, Nasty Crew, Roll Deep, Wiley, Jammer, Shola Ama, Bruza, Lethal B, Firecamp, Mitchell Brothers , Ears, Titch, SLK and Renagade Boys, Dogzilla, No Lay, Ruff Sqwad, Black Ops , D Double E, Trim, Doogz, Essentials, South Agents, TMT, Frisco, Meridian, Statik, Stush, Fumin…… need we go on?

Plus q&a, Logan's RWD mixtape and now a reduced ticket price of £10.

Shame about Lil Jon dropping out though. And Sunday's cancellation...
But come on Prince's Trust - Will Smith just isn't Jay-Z and you know it...


as long as will smith does 'getting jiggy with it', then i'm there.

it's good to see meridian are playing.
mpc said:
as long as will smith does 'getting jiggy with it', then i'm there.
just spoke to RWD. they have 65 performers to fit into 7 hours. should be absolute chaos, and all the better for it. i'm wondering if the q&a thing will get dropped though, since it's intended to be before or after each PA, and i'm not sure that'll work on the day if people are really getting into it. plus obvious time constraints...
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only one day ticket sales must be bad...

I only wanna really see Blak Twang, Est'elle Corrine Bailey Rae and Teedra Moses - the RWD stage is jus not gonna work - probably descend into chaos..I mite reach...
so. the RWD area was the highlight for me, shame about the amount of noise from the main stage.

roll deep were on top form, nice to see them pulling out a good performance after some patchy ones - scratchy d particularly.
donae'o did his thing, and a nice blend with 'lovers and friends' too.
essentials and pretty much all crews from then on were let down by the sound. by this point there was regular mic feedback and the PA seemed to have come unstuck.
felt bad for essentials when kano came on the main stage - everyone just took off.
only caught bits of other sets. didn't really see fire camp, ruff squad or d double.
there's some footage over on the rwd forums, and plenty of speculation about possible violence on the day.

seemed such a shame, wouldn't like to see anything happen to the UMF and yet people insist on acting like fools.

i'm sure you'll see for yourself, most of it was filmed for dvds anyway.

anyone else reach?


did you see will smith?

what happened with ghetto and bionix? what were they up to?

if you believe what they're saying on the rwd forum, bashy was shot, stabbed, murdered, then resurrected and beaten to a pulp.