PRS Monies. Clearing myths, will it feed my Sams Chicken problem


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So I always see people talking about it and never followed it up. Probably because I dont have any tunes out or nearly out to be balling of PRS fees.

I see it costs £30 for admin fees to join up. I guess its worth doing but how long will it take to get my £30 back

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If you're getting played a lot on radio, you make a fair bit of money, if you're not, you don't. Quite simple really.

If you got playlisted on 1xtra, for example, you could well be looking at a fair bit of money. If you get played once on Kiss on a specialist show, a pittance.

There is money in it but at the lower, more "underground" levels, not much.


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My band played at this tiny festival at a pub in lewisham once. There was a guy there from PRS taking down the names of all the songs performed, we gave him our setlist. Next thing we know, £200 PRS payment - we've had no radio play or anything so it can't have been from anything else.

So yeah no idea how they apportion it out but it was a nice little windfall


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If your stuff is being played anywhere (radio, venues, dentist waiting rooms), it's worth it.

If you do gigs (DJ or live), fill in the playlist forms on the PRS website and submit them. It's worth it.

They seem to keep changing the join up fee though. Until quite recently, there was a fee but it was claimed from your royalties, so you never actually handed over money to join.

Back when I joined it was £100 or something though. £20 today seems worth it.