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Fun Fact: when I set up the FLC blog back in 2005, I arranged it so that there were separate administrator and poster accounts. The poster account is the one you'll use; dissensus.cassette.swap at The admin account, however, has been dormant for so long that I've forgotten the password. This doesn't really matter except that in the 2007 round we had a problem with spamming comments and so, like any good admin, I clicked the "moderated comments" ticky box. So, don't bother to post comments; I can't approve them and they won't show up.


Now back to your regularly scheduled reviews.


Mechanical phantoms
I notice Owen's put his review up, nice one dude. The rest of you get yr fingers out (though I've still not put photos of my tape up yet. But I will)


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Very conscious that I still need to write my review. As soon as I get my arm out of plaster on Monday I'll get on it :D