Anti-Gay Marriage Protests in France

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Aren't they a fairly catholic Catholic society?

IMO gay marriage is a largely semantic argument between conservative homophobes and conservative homosexuals that's being blown up out of proportion to seem like an issue of universal rights.

Reduce poverty and lack of access to services and you reduce homophobia for the ordinary homosexual, rather than just making it so a wealthy stockbroker can take his husband to the country club or wherever it is the upper class hang out now, and the general public have something to distract them from the state of the economy.


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France would have a fairly strong strain of trad catholicism precisely because of the country's ultra-secularism but a lot of this is just the broader Right.

Opposition to Hollande as much as any of shite about the family. Mostly white people too etc

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I don't think your average white French person is any more Catholic than the average white Brit is a practicing Anglican, these days. But prejudices and mores that have their origin in religion can remain even after most people no longer follow that religion in any serious way.


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perhaps the rest of europe/the world making fun of french men for being gay have given them a complex for which they must over compensate?
My cousins run a chateau just outside Bordeaux and my mate is getting married there. I’m currently sitting alone in a cobble stone square beside a beautiful sand stone cathedral with a beer on dissensus


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