Live mixing.


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So I've been making music for some while now and recently I've been asked to play my own music at a small free festival, I'm quite enthusiastic but I have one big dilemma: I have zero mixing skills, my knowledge about beat matching or the instruments used therefore are negligible. I do want to present myself in the best way possible tho so I prepared an Ableton set and all I really have to do is push play but it bothers me, is there any way to include some kind of live-element into my performance without spending money on attributes? The only thing that kinda soothes me is the fact that I will only be playing my own productions, it will distinct me from the rest at least. But hell, it's gonna make me feel super awkward standing behind my laptop for 30 minutes pretending I'm doing something.


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Beast of Burden
One very simple thing you can do. Start each tune with every track in Ableton playing at once (but some muted obv) and bring in the elements in the order they're supposed to come in and use live fx and loops etc...

This way you're getting roughly the same tune but 'mixing' it live.