record store day


I've said it before I know but record shops really disgust me nowadays. Particularly second hand ones. Dirty smelly unhygienic places. Frumpy. Gross. Amazing to think they used to be 'cool'
Yeah you have. I kinda half-agree, but half-disagree. I still buy records when I can but I do tend to get a lot of them online - but weirdly, I buy lots of books in (second hand) shops - as well as online admittedly. My point is that if I'm simultaneously repulsed and attracted by record shops, I don't feel that in book shops, why so?


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I occasionally still buy Vinyl these days. However exclusively online via bandcamp mostly. As for record store day, definitley started as a good idea, but went totally out of hands (all the RSD-limited addition-discogs-sharks, fuck 'em really). And then there's the crappy part of the (former) majors blocking pressing plants with their "180g RSD limited additions gate fold cover LPs" of whatever for the Hipster-cunts - while the small indie-labes that kept the plants in business through the "dark years" by sticking to vinyl have to postpone their releases sometimes for several months.

A good aspect though however may be that RSD means the vinyl-infrastructure is being kept alive for a while now.
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funny that RSD and Coachella happened on the same weekend: two of the biggest annual music-related things and I couldn't care less about either of them.