Music Pioneered In The 2010's?


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I'm looking for genres/sub-genres that have been pioneered in the 2010's.

So far I've got:

- Deep Tech

- Jackin House

- Brostep

- Chicago Bop

- Gqom

- Moombathon

- Trap

- To an extent American's rapping over 'nuum/UK Bass (Azealia Banks, etc.) offers something a little different

- Nu-grime/art-grime/industrial grime

- Ratchet

- Drumstep

- Zouk

Other older stuff has been popularised beyond its initial geography:

- Footwork

- Jersey/Philly Club

- Azonto/Naija

- Kuduro

Anything else?

Which one seems to be the biggest paradigm shift?
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Ballroom got popularized in the last 5 years, uhm... I'd say Witchhouse, as silly as it was, did happen in 09-11 so hey.
5 years ago is creeping my out by how far away it all seems. I guess you're missing Drill which blew up for all of about six months but that can come under Trap


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Ballroom got popularized in the last 5 years, uhm... I'd say Witchhouse, as silly as it was, did happen in 09-11 so hey.

Hadn't come across Witchhouse before. Interestingly it draws from chopped & screwed and industrial like a lot of hip hop from the last 5 years. Similarly there's the industrial grime of the last few years (though the sound has precedent in Milanese, so can't really say that's this decade's innovation).


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For lack of a better description: Night slugs house (probably close to ballroom, sonically at least). Also that Mexican (Monterrey) tribal house blew up that year. Didn't last long, though.


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shittest decade ever?

tough to make the call if youre looking strictly at the 2010s but i think afrobeats is the 'newest' thing around.
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not really a genre, exactly, but i think rustie was making stuff that you couldnt easily say was something older. and it was lots of fun too. hud mo too, even if i hate a lot of his music.


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This whole search for a brand new sound is a bit of a dead end IMO, better to look at how a genre like rap is developing and mutating beyond what people could conceive it could be fifteen years ago. Obviously a lot of people HATE what its become, but the same is true of jungle, grime, etc.

I wonder if a paradigm shift such as Reynolds longs for would be better sought in vocals than rhythms (talking dance music here) - perhaps that's nonsense but if you look at rap music and the use of auto tune this is where the genuinely mindbending and alien shifts are happening. And dance music, by and large, lacks vocals, and therefore lacks e.g. political depth. Which I'm sure Reynolds argues is what makes it more revolutionary in an anti rockist sense but I wonder if purely instrumental music has become by this stage fairly arid creatively.


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i think there is definitely new stuff in rap, and in R&B - reynolds might not think mustard is making something totally new, but i mean, its new ENOUGH, i think he sometimes expects too much, and seems to forget even things like jungle didnt spring out of the ether, they gradually became what they did through hardcore, etc. but i think in a mainstream sense, when i hear how bland and familiar a lot of stuff is, it is a bit depressing.


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new categories at the online record store include "bass", "international", "deep dubstep" and "americana"....


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The "paradigm shift" of the 2010s was the full move to fully digital now in all aspects of (pop)music one the one hand.

Sub-shifts: move away from mp3s to streaming (and from mp3 players to listening to music on your smart fone)

The "vinyl-renaissance" finally kiling off the small (mostly dance) indie labels who actually were putting out vinyl over the last 2 decades due to the hipsters'-need of showing off their gatefold 180g vinly BS represses of Oasis or whatever over instagram. Thus, the pressing plants don't give a shit about aforementioned small labesl much any more and postpone and/or fuck up small vinly runs and put those labels out of business.