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call me big papa
I actually had a bit of an existential crisis there a few years back when I couldnt decide if doo wop had taken rocksteady's crown as best music of all time.
:crylarf: This is the most dissensian thing imaginable. I can relate to the feeling, if not the specific crisis.


call me big papa
i feel conflicted believing in the so called "time barrier" but loving all these old reggae tunes.
I think these Studio One tunes sound old - which adds to their appeal as miniportals to spiritual transcendence ? like a faded postcard from a tropical beach, but also like something achingly out of reach.


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Dub Specialist was a series of dub LP releases on Studio One throughout the 70s created by Clement "Coxsone" Dodd. These limited releases were mixed by various engineers over the decade, including Syd Bucknor, Sylvan Morris & Overton "Scientist" Brown. This hour long session takes a deeper look at the back catalogue.
Compiled & mixed by Estelle Birch.
Thanks for this. Perfect sunny day selections, or for any day.


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The first of my vinyl archive mixes. First up is mid-90's techno from labels like Force Inc, Djungle Fever, Harthouse, IST, ESP and artists like Heckman, Colone, Nico, Arpeggiators, AirLiquide.
Tracklisting :
01 Air Liquide - Tanz Der Lemminge 2 (Remix)
02 Nico - Hope
03 Essit Musique - Yoa-Ti-Ti-Yoa
04 Colone - Intensity
05 Drax - Interior
06 Hemisphear - Before The Day
07 Nico - Oh Yeah! (Dark Treatment)
08 Age - Doomsday
09 Plank - Excursion
10 Nico - Alpha
11 Magenta - Boost
12 Mindscape - Felicium
13 Leo Anibaldi - Posession
14 Structure - We Are Structure
15 Black Labs - Torsion
16 Vene - Um
17 Walker / Biochip C - Shark
18 Leo Anibaldi - Acid Pop
19 Public Energy - Velocity
20 Age - Darkheld
21 Nico - Field Of Vision
22 Age - Imaginary Friend

Slow it down by -8 in your media player if you want a real chug feel.


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Only listened to half but its pretty good, putting it here more t remind myself to listen to the rest than anything else.

I wasnt all that interested in kiran sande at the time of blackest ever black, cos of all the shocky imagery which i thought got in the way, plus the incomprehensible faith in raime, but ive been combing back through a few bits, since appreciating low company.