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padraig (u.s.)

a monkey that will go ape
Whats comparable?
yeah actual 80s electro is the obvious forerunner

but I think you're looking for more like early IDM/techno influenced by electro and/or Detroit

idk how much you know about techno so these are v obvious recs but

Selected Ambient Works 85-92 and most of Aphex Twin's early 90s biz
all early The Black Dog EPs ca. 89-92ish
all Drexciya EPs ca. 92-96 and the electro end of Detroit in general


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padraig (u.s.)

a monkey that will go ape
it's true that 80s electro is generally quite rigid, which is both the point (breakdancing etc) and a product of technology available

here's one that's a bit more fluid, begins pointing in the direction of Detroit

from Manchester too - famous electro DJ Greg Wilson was involved - so presumably young Booth and Brown would've been familiar


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this is actually called the 'slow electric' mix, not 'massive mellow' which makes it sound really wank and trip-hoppy. Unfortunately early 90s weatherall attracted some fans he was able to somewhat cul by the mid 90s with his grungier direction.

now luka should be more tempted to listen.

Bruno Catala > A Love From Outer Space
Re-release of a great electronica classic LP from 1994 and that was only available on vinyl.
Several tracks were featured on Andrew's Slow Electric tape, which was given away at Sabresonic.
The Primitive Painter, by The Primitive Painter
19 hrsA Love From Outer...
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but @WashYourHands you can see how 'massive mellow' as a title brings back all that Bristol uni mo wax smoke a spliff with private school educated arabella and toby can't you? Weatherall was too fashion conscious to label a mix that, so i gotta give it to @luka in this instance.


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Mate I just posted it for the music, whoever tagged it farted out those words. If that in turn creates associations about Bristol, mo wax and weed, not a lot I can do about that is there.

Not guilty, m’lord.


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There's such innocence and joy in a tune like "Bamboo". Never such innocence again. I was born too late.

Someone needs to put corpsey out of his misery like they do with dogs when they get sick.


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Carl Craig - A Wonderful Life - 1995
Phenomyna - Into The Otherworld - 1994
69 - Microlovr - 1994
Phenomyna - Into The Otherworld explained by Black Dog - 1995
Meat Beat Manifesto - Mind Stream (Aphex Twin Remix ) - 1993
Bintus - Cylinder-Bop - 2013
Voltek - Unten - 2011
Bintus - Toyota Henge - 2013
Carl Finlow - Hashtag (C .Mantle Remix) - 2013
C .Mantle - P Ricoeur - 2010
Black Dog - Hub - 1992
As One - Shambala (reflected by Balil ) - 1995
Lark - Tedra - 1993
Reload - Le Soleil Et La Mer - 1993
Autechre - Cichli - 1997
Allen Ginsberg - Europe Europe
Phoenecia - Odd Jobs (Rhythm Box) - 1999
Stasis - View From The Rille - 1993
Future / Past - Nebula Variation - 1992
Stasis - Presence - 1993
Kumulus - Unfold - 1992
Kenny Larkin - Colony - 1991
Musicology (B12) - Obsessed - 1991
Babyford - Deadeye - 1994
Reel by Real (Marty Bonds) - Sundog - 1991
Xon (Richard H Kirk, Robert Gordon ) - Dissonance - 1991
AFX - .942937 - 1993
Brain Pilot - Nutrient - 1995
E.R.P - Alsoran - 2007
Plaid - Silversum - 2001 / Plaid - Stills - 2002
E.R.P - Aurelia - 2005
Autechre - VLetrmx21 - 1995
Stasis - Point Of No Return - 1993
Brothomstates - Te Noch RP - 2001
Coushin - Heild - 2011
Pollon - Lonely Planet - 2000
AFX - Boxingday - 2005
Balil - Island - 1993
Phenomyna - Earthfall explained by NURON - 1994

I'll give this a go if it's shit I'm going to go absolutely fucking psycho. I'm treating myself today. Sitting in a cold room with a bottle of Barossa Shiraz and a Tesco Brie. Staring at the wall.


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never really explored Australian wines, is this region a favorite? give us the "wine enthusiast" top-line review, educate me (and craner) about the tannis and tobacco finish, etc.

Oz wines are notoriously heavy. 14% is standard. If you really dig, there’s some really tasty treats hidden under all the muck, but it’s been so long I’m out of the loop.

Do you have a Balducci’s or Total Wine outlet near you? The latter is the best value, where you can explore without getting rinsed. Just ignore big names like Wolf Blass. Kiwi Pinots are superb for the $ mark up.
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