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NKT presents an audio document of Nokuit’s debut live performance which took place in the sweat lodge of Cafe OTO during midsummer 2018.
Nokuit’s appearance, alongside Flora Yin-Wong, Ausschuss and Mun Sing, mapped out the terrain explored across his discography thus far. From the psychological spaces of early releases Analysis Paralysis and Reality Disappears After Waking to the global, drone-eye view of the most recent Patterns of Instability, this is a hallucinatory cartography of vast expanses and intricate detail. A soundtrack to a film that has left its screenwriters behind, the unshackled camera runs riot across the set before drifting in on itself and out into the world, asleep at the wheel.
Over thirty minutes, distorted visions and smeared vignettes from past recordings are reconfigured into a familiar yet mysterious manifestation, marking an uncanny conclusion to this first cycle of Nokuit releases.

Recorded by Shaun Crook at Cafe OTO, 17 August 2018
Mastered by Carlo Ascrizzi at Steel Health Studios, London
Design by Martin Kellett
Photography by Nokuit
Thanks to Flora Yin-Wong

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was just going to say that, have to admire the perseverance. good branding as well.

where does this fit on the ambient-drone nuum?


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i was thinking about this. like obviously it's pushing a line, a fascistic one, but doesn't everyone do that? as in, they're being transgressive for the sake of it, cos that's the vibe. like punks wearing swastikas or ian curtis going round with 'HATE' on his jacket.

i did throw their music on yesterday for a bit - sounded like fairly generic noise stuff that is the same as any number of gigs i've been to. like the music itself, i didn't hear any fascism in it, is what i mean.

so i'm saying they are just posturing, and it's working, cos we're yamming about it, and like others have said, if nothing else, you've gotta admire their persistence and the fact they got a gig at oto.

i know this conversation has been had btw, but whatever. i feel like a lot of the same conversations just have to be had again and again.

ps: is there anything to the rumour about OTO being the Crowley thing? Or is it just a coincidence?


One of them has the hitler moustache tattooed above his top lip. His real name is actually Cyril.


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I always think ppl with face tattoos are interesting, but i talked to a guy once who hadloads of shit all over his face and he said he just gotpissed and thought it was a funny thing to do at the time. He was dead gentle and normal. All these people, theyre all nice and polite at hear, like goths, they just wanna be friends.