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"This is no ordinary company. We've always believed that having a wide range of outside interests leads to a balanced life and makes for a better career, we preach that regularly to younger employees in the firm and try to lead by example.

That's why we're proud to introduce our new company forum, Consensus. This is a safe space for stakeholders of all departments to share their enthusiasm for Music, Thought, Politics, Technology, Art, Literature and Film, Nature, Miscellaneous and Events, Sales and Mixes.

We've inaugurated a few threads to get you started, and we can't wait to read about your Dinner of the Day, what you're reading now and of course those little things that while Pointless, It makes me chuckle to myself. Stay alert!"


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I'll bet they don't have "Top Ten Sex demons" or "DO YOU TONGUE ARSEHOLES YES OR NO?" threads.
I think if we needed money for the migration, we should put a kickstarter together and one of the reward tiers could be t shirts with dissensus on the front and this thread title on the back. I think they would sell like hot cakes, ?25 quid, we could get fair-trade t shirts.


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I have an odd feeling I might have already posted this song in here (and once was once too many times). But let's keep that between us. Whenever I stop smoking weed I have at least two nights of staggeringly intense, meaningless-but-meaningful dreams. I really can't remember what the dream I had in which this song was playing was about now, but it was one of those dreams you wake up from and almost write down in a pad because it seems so significant. I should have written it down. Now all I have is this song...



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My CEO doesn't but my immediate boss sorted me a weed connection for lockdown.


Juicy J / Lex Luger - Who da Neighbors

Occasionally I have to remind myself (cos this isn't on Spotify) that this is one of the greatest rap songs of the 10s/ever. I'm now in my second ignorant old man phase of rap appreciation. Lex Luger is my new DJ Premier. Where did all the flowers go?


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LFO - Nurture

Defying my own dictats cos this place is dead anyway.

Listening to LFOs album for the first time in ages. Tbh the only track I could hum you off the top of my egg is LFO Leeds warehouse mix. This tune I would recognise as LFO straight away but I've not really LISTENED to it in a long time. Anyway, I like how complicated and fiddly the melodies get, that sense of improvising on a loop - and the soft dreamy synths that occasionally come in. Cousin (or uncle?) to jungle lush bits.

Oh, I could also hum "Freeze".
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I never finished The Sopranos, but someone sent me the scene from the first season with this in the other day and I'm considering starting it again.



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IMO it went a bit downhill in the last few seasons but not so much that it isn't worth completing.

I think it's probably my favourite drama show ever, even more beloved than The Wire.


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very jeremih'esque this one. i love the beat and the way his autotuned voice create an otherworldly atmosphere reinforced by the video clip.