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I don't want to derail this thread whatsoever but Dissensus really could use more emojis.

Number 30 would probably have made my poll. Photek was an interesting one to listen back to because he undoubtedly made innovative tunes that didn't sound quite like anyone else during that period. E.G.


The Water Margin

But almost from the off there was that air of refinement to the point of aridity in his production, which would later reach its zenith/nadir with


Ni Ten Ichi Ryu

I've always admired Photek tunes but I find them difficult to love.

'Jump MK II' is a bit of an anomaly, therefore, and closer to the majority of jungle, in being an Amen deploying banger. But it's still got that distinctive tone, that percussive rigidity: that bass-line which is also a marimba (or something) line.

Didn't vote for number 29, and I'll listen to it now.
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Sweet vibration & London sumtin were both top ten picks for me I think.
How many people submitted ballots in the end?