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share Muslim bangers here. whether they are from Nigeria, Mali, Egypt, Morocco, Albania, Turkey, Yemen, Lebanon, Pakistan or Indonesia, throw 'em in the mix in this tribute to bangers from the Islamic globe.


We were cooking this afternoon and my gf put Radio 4 on but it was shit so she just span the dial and the station she found was mental. At first it sounded like Bollywood tunes with hardcore beats underneath but then it veered into what sounded like Turkish folk and psych kinda stuff. All the speaking was also in foreign so I dunno what it was but I was struck by the sheer variety - one song sounding traditional, the next being very untraditional to say the least. I'm pretty sure the later tunes were Turkish so I guess it was a Turkish and thus Muslim station - although it's not that helpful in terms of an answer to this thread. Then again, it's always hard to find out about this stuff - there are loads of times I've heard something I like in a kebab shop or in my local Cost Cutter and asked what it is but I've never ever found out the artist that way. They just say "It's Turkish music" - I know it's fucking Turkish music, the reason I'm asking you about it is cos I want more information!


To be more helpful, here's one I really like. I assume it's Muslim although he was a protest singer so maybe it's secular. Love that intro bit, not sure if anyone has sampled it but they should



when i was in sydney i worked for a lebanese family and the woman that sort of run th day to day stuff was turkish and every christmas party it was basically belly dance music all night and it was mental but if you look up belly dance on the internet you cant find nothing good, or i cant anyway. i did find a mix once that was amazing but then i lost it and forgot what it was


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'muslim bangers' eh? :slanted:

electro shaabi/mahraganat ('muslim wedding party music)

nusrat (qawwali - 'muslim gospel')

rahat (qawwali - 'muslim gospel')

imran khan ('diasporic muslim R&B')

zayn malik ('diasporic half muslim pop)

naughty boy feat kyla and popcaan ('diasporic muslim pop'/'diasporic western-integrated muslim pop')


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On a somewhat related note I have a theory that the ottoman empire is responsible for the widespread usage of the phrygian mode. So that's why, for example, flamenco uses it and bulgarian music too:

Of course I'll never actually check if that theory's true because either I'll be proved wrong or I'll proved right, which would mean it's no longer something clever I thought of and now just something I know.