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Years ago I used to post on Drugs Forum dot net, and some absolute winner started a thread saying "I reckon scuba diving while on DMT would be really amazing, what do you think?"

I replied with something like "Yeah, sounds great, you should definitely do it! As a side note, I heard you can get an incredible rush by smoking a cigarette while huffing petrol fumes."


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2 Ketamine experiences stand out just for their surreal manifestations.

First weird one was a post free party pile on back to someone’s gaff. Been a loooong weekend and I knew it was a bad idea as soon as the wrap came out. Felt so crispy anyway. Was trying to make about ten cups of tea and my name gets called and I’m thinking I just want to go to bed. Hand out teas, people are already saying things like “sea goes ssssssshhhh, air goes ffffffffffffffff” etc. Hoof the line off a plate and try and make it back to kitchen in time (it had this old rocking chair, really comfy) but I got as far as the doorframe separating the rooms. In seconds I’m in a haze between two places, 2 entangled worlds - the kitchen itself and an ex’s flat. They were mushing and melding and shifting and a dog might have been there (?). I could feel the door frame, but this swirl wouldn’t separate out from 2 distinct space times. Came round on my knees with a dog in front of me looking as perplexed as I was. Not unpleasant, not pleasant, just a plate of weirdness.

2nd strangest one was was doing a line you know’s too big after too many ales. Had stopped at a mates flat to buy a g on the way home, so he kindly offered a sample and disregarding common sense up it goes, the nostril sting and gross throat drip, but foolishly thought I could make it home while the K kicked in. Wrong! Got about 2 streets up to Nottingham castle by the Robin Hood statue and space time dissolved into white framed rectangular blocks of consciousness that assembled themselves against the pitch blackness. The blocks were self organising, then a voice came through “are you ok there?” and I could barely make out a couple of women trying to help me out of this shop doorway like a broken tramp. I just couldn’t get up for fuck knows how long. Gross. Nose running, a cab driver turned me down and i had to walk nome to Sherwood in the bastard rain. Skills eh.


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Y'all are some hardcore Euro partiers, does everyone go out over there? This doesn't strike me as a forum of extroverts, but here you are choosing to k-hole in clubs and do salvia at festivals


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This doesn't sound like a fun night.
I firmly believe that after your 30s you shouldn't be having fun on drugs. Whether it's self-annihilation or self-actualisation, or just keeping up with your addictions. Having fun on drugs post 30 is just creepy, might as well get a funky fedora and hangout at Mr Scruff gigs giving teenagers mdma. Unless youre drinking on your own listening to music then you're allowed to have fun.