? WAV -> MP3 compression ?


We're trying to compress some interviews in WAV format for publication online.
What would a suitable bitrate (and maybe file format) be, do you all reckon?

mp3s would probably be good as they are compatible widely, we're hoping to squish the files to about 1MB for 2-5 minutes of spoken words, does that sound doable?
or are we barking up the wrong tree?


Who loves ya, baby?
1mb's pretty small for a five minute recording, you'd be sacrificing quality to get it down to that size as you'd have to render at something like 32kbps. I'd probably go with 128kbps, it'll still be a small file but it'll sound better.


Thank you!
It's just spoken interviews, not music, so hopefully we can get away with lower quality?
Mono presumably reduces the size?

atm we are mono, 112 kbps and it sounds just about ok i think... 116MB for 2hours 20