Logging In


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I hafta log in, then post, then relog in to confirm my post, and editing posts after I've posted em seems like an impossible loop (see loggin in then relogging in). Using Safari. I can easily not use Safari, just thought I'd let you know.


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that's happened to me once or twice over the years when I got a new computer and it didn't recognize me. once you log in, be sure to tick the "stay logged in" or "remember me" box or whatever it's called (I'm afraid to log out to see what it's actually called!)


heavy heavy monster sound
Thanks guys! Suf - tried to reply to yr message but it says my message box is full, even though it’s only registering that I have two messages there. Apparently got 50 messages saved but can’t see em!



They are probably in your sent folder or some stupidness like that
the board software is getting a bit tired these days


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Yeah they’re not in sent messages or anywhere I can find. Invisible messages! Hurrah.

Email you in a bit x