The Death of Rave: Insurrexion II


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☺︎ 10 years of Faktion / 6 years of The Death of Rave ☹
7 x Live PA's + 1 x DJ ::: 8 hrs of Dance Musicks™

POWELL // Gábor Lázár// TERESA WINTER // Rian Treanor // XYN CABAL // Cam Deas // CROWW // ‘DJCT //

The White Hotel, salford

Friday 19th October

10pm - 6am



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Quite possibly the greatest night I've yet attended in Manchester ever. Nice to make your acquaintance Boo. Early on I was chatting to a beaned up couple who were out for the first time in a month, had paid for a babysitter and had to be back home by 3, and they were like "when's the real music gonna start" lol. Teresa Winter was amazing - I'm gonna maybe buy her new LP. Rian Treanor - just a virtuoso display really. Croww - standard brilliant set. Good to see the death metal shrieks into the mic. And then Xyn Cabal oh my God. I was standing no the stange and felt like putting my hands into a prayer mode but thought 'No, that would definitely be too much', then turned around and there was someone sitting on a speaker in a lotus position. Lovely to see all the faces out to support, including Gnodheads and Leeds massive. Big Up!


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nice to see ya catalog. thanks for the glowing reminiscence :D
personally was floored by Cam Deas live, and new Powell gear was ace too

as ever, any dissensus lot should msg us for discount to our sessions in future, if needed :love: