im bored.


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isn't there about to be a fascist dictactorship in Brazil?

i would scarper

yeah. i timed it nicely, eh? really wondering if i should bounce, but i like it enough to wonder if it won't be that bad? only seen sao paulo so far and am in love. cool ass city.


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well it has a federal structure Brazil right (i just read this in the Economist), so the different regional governments could obstruct to some extent. bit like with the USA where California and Oregon are holding fast against some of the Trumpian depredations.

the rhetoric is terrifying though isn't... and the encouragement given to the police (or mobs of vigilantees) to crack down harshly is ruddy alarming

that's why when you said about come start a commune in Brazil i thought 'hmmm perhaps not the most opportune moment in the country's history' to give that a go!

and business is going to be unleashed on the Amazon to exploit right?

what a nightmare

Sao Paolo is great - been there twice, never been to any other bit of Brazil

it's so huge, though, i tried to go to a record store in what looked like a not that far away neighbourhood, and 46 mins later got there to find it was closed down


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I bumped into a couple of Brazilians last weekend and asked what they thought of Bolsonaro. Their position was that they were sick of PT's corruption and that Bolsonaro was crazy but preferable and that the country was in such a mess that someone that extreme was required in order to see any sort of change or improvement. They also said that they wished Brazil had been colonised by the Chinese or Japanese rather than the Portugese and that a civil war might be necessary.


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version let's go drinking with ur mates.

actually i once took mdma with a salazar loving dude it was quite strange. he got really into an english girl and then two days later he found out she had a boyfriend. will never understand u lot. mdma is the least sexual drug ever.


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He doesn't drink. Also he is on a sex holiday in Azibajan of all places.


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He did actually just come round for a beer. And I got wifi back too now. Things are looking up. What shit tunes shall I listen to on YouTube