Chtonic Fatigue Syndrome

London-bound with some fellow Northerners, feel free to come say hi.


GWILLY EDMONDEZ emerged from the secret currents that can be sensed in Bridgend even to this day. Since the early 1980s he has trodden a path that leads as directly out of form, reason and calculation while forever being distracted by the lure of pop celebration.

MARIAM REZAEI & YOL is two turntables and a microphone. Mariam provides the fractious splintercore decks-terity while Yol literally spits bars. Phlegmatic id-scrapers from the depths/deaths of the British High Street.

SW1N-HUNTER is the life-long learning project of Adam Denton. Drawing on notions of frequency sculpture, prepared electric guitar/instrumental mutations, field recording, human/machine utterance, tape manipulation, feedback systems etc etc... Denton is one half of noise duo Trans/Human and co-director of The Old Police House.

1727 is the ritual electronics project of Esmé Louise Newman (Penance Stare, Commiserations, Etai Keshiki et al). 1727 performs semi-improvised pieces from self-oscillating electronics and processed voice, creating a bleak and unsettling ambience that draws influence from both grey industrialism and arcane occultism in equal measure.

KENOSIST is the dancefloor-adjacent guise of Weird North stalwart Mark Wardlaw. Driven by neccessity and ideology into a "cheap hardware/free software" approach, he builds ever-mutating sonic ecosystems of drum machine polyrhythm and slo-moving synth warp. Rhythmically compulsive on the micro-level, zooming out into deep-time meta-rhythms for the non-human crowd. Object-oriented psychedelic disco, on a budget.

WREST is Jamie Stuart, Northumbrian ambulator and detritus annihilator. Virtuoso space-occupation and object-to-object interaction, all imbued with deep coastal Rust Belt sorrow.

SWARM FRONT is a quasi-amorphous collective of sonic /cultural dissidents and anti-creatives. Weaponising the banality of liberal institutions, they use text and sound to construct crude folk-magick hexes against the bastions of reasonable culture.