Norm Macdonald


Can turn naughty
A lot. He makes me laugh harder than most stand up comedians rn. A lot of it to do with his probing the limits of what he can get away with. Also just a brilliantly subtle and mind twisting performer. Master of zigging while your head's zagging. Only other current guy who makes me laugh on that level is Eddie Pepitone.


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his non-pc jokes have made him a favorite of the conservative base and media, although he says he's not into politics.
I saw this on twitter and will probably buy the book, some great turns of phrase here

I dont know enough about him to talk on the gay jokes but his chat show was a laugh and the stand up on Netflix is really uncomfortable, in a good way
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I dont know too much about him but Ive seen some stuff I like. What I find interesting is every man 5-10 years older than me seems to worship him.


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are stand ups the last middle aged white men getting to be culture heroes. corpsey likes them all, bill burr and that. middle aged white men telling it how it is genre


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Men of my age grew up with stuff like South Park and Eminem - not that I group Norm MacDonald with either of those but I guess maybe there's an appetite in the corpse demographic for dark/offensive humour - an appetite now somewhat threatened by the self righteous woke brigade e.g. Luka.

Norm was just hilarious to me, but I'm not surprised if people younger than me hadn't really heard of him or see him as an old weirdo. I guess I found out about him (like most people my age?) through the Aristocrats documentary. Ditto Gilbert Gottfried... Was that it? I dunno, it was his famous roast of Bob Saget where he tells old fashioned cheesy jokes.

I always gravitated towards that "sick" humour because it's my sense of humour, really. Not sure why - could be that it gave me (a shy skinny guy) a feeling of power? Or maybe because I'm a miserable sensitive fucker and if I don't laugh I'll cry.

I was watching a clip from his podcast earlier about Albert Fish, the serial killer who I once wounded my mind by reading about. He turns this most horrific of things into a joke, which is just about the only way I can think of dealing with something like that without slitting your wrists.


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Not a fan of Bill Burr's stand up although he can be very funny on podcasts.

I hate his obsession with PC/culture war stuff although I guess that's everybody's obsession these days, especially in the US, so it's unrealistic to expect comedians not to talk about it.

But it just comes off as boring and lazy to me.

Perhaps Norm explored similar territory but I don't recall much of that.


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Anyway I enjoyed listening to this Norm clip this evening, a routine about his "Uncle Bert" dying of cancer which - since it was recorded in 2011 - might well be a cloaked routine about his own battle with it.