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It's complicated with media really because it is a relationship and not just one way traffic.

The media claims that it just reflects the views of its readership and the angry lefties sometimes portray the readers as brainwashed.

Actually neither of these things is true - and there are other factors at work.

People, I think, do have core convictions, but it is hard to discern what they are. Like they might not be Political in the traditional sense. For example "my children are really important to me and I want to do everything I can to protect them and make sure they have a good life". Which can then be spun in all sorts of directions in terms of policy.

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I took convictions to mean something more than facts. More like principles eg "people all deserve the same rights" or "people should get what they earn and taking it away from them in the form of tax is evil" etc
Oh right, well I see what you mean. Yeah, agreed then.