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What sites do you like to read regularly and why?

I used to have maybe 15 bookmarked at my peak and it would take 1-2 hours to get through them in the morning. Could easily burn through a day with nothing to show for myself as most were forums. These days it's here and one or two others. Glad to be not addicted to fb and news stuff anymore. That was a bad time. Forums have always been my mainstay looking back on it. Started with music production stuff. Kvr was the first, which was like a cute, innocent little town in vibe and scope. Eventually got onto gearslutz which was like the big bad city of production forums, but in comparison to other places its actually pretty well mannered. Kvr led to ihatemusic which was cool for discovering the outer limits of music. That was definitely a big step, discovering noise and AMM etc. I think the very first thread I read there was about the darkest music they knew, which on ihm was bound to be right on the outer edge. Think I discovered rudolph there and the whole schimpfluch thing. Fucking nuts. But ihm was a bit on the dry side in the end so I tapered off. One day someone made this same thread about favourite sites and a guy called ahpook with an ape of naples avatar led me to the scourge of the digital seas, hipinion (which I think I saw other_life mention she frequents) he did warn in his post that it might not be a good idea to open that door, but I did. maybe also got dissensus from that thread too. Hard to remember. It's been 10 years reading this place alone. Was always the one place I wished was more active. Now it is!

Never got into shit like reddit or 4chan or something awful. 4chan to this day still boggles my mind as to why anyone would want to spend any time on there. Reddit feels too memey and SA I read once or twice and felt like the tone was a bit lame and memey.

Man, looking back, I guess I did a lot of growing up on these things. Learned a lot about life and communication plus all the music and media. Maybe more than out in the real world...

Anyway, what're your sites? Feel free to add a potted history of your netlife too.
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In theory there is a wealth of information out there but I just look on dissensus and my email. I used to go on Facebook and Twitter, the guardian and Instagram but I've given up on almost all of those.


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I'm a Reddit fan. There's obviously a lot of inane and horrible shit on there but there's also everything else imaginable on there.


i don't want to give anyone my tawdry internet life story anymore but i currently frequent:
dissensus (actually quite fond of all of you even if it may not seem like it) (marxist-leninist SA offsite, people there are lovely and insightful but that was not always the case)
fair bit of discogs and imdb but never for their 'social' functions just to Scour Information for books
check in on rym once in a while to see if anyone gives a shit ab my presence there, i should probably rate more things and maybe get back on writing reviews. i have a bunch of 64-82 films all somehow connected to the topic of socialism/imperialism/revolution downloaded that it'd be interesting to rate and review
discord is the main thing i use to socialise at this point
really glad to be off of facebook


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morning routine usually involves a spin thru:
Dark Sky Weather
a local reddit sub
Resident Advisor
Adweek and AdAge (work related)

about once a week I check Grub Street and Eater NY, a couple of food/restaurant blogs

occasional visits to the guardian, ESPN, the daily beast, the Atlantic


No money to pay pros, nosediving standards across the profession generally plus click bait logic I guess? It's a disgrace. I wonder if the big german and french papers are maintaining standards.


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thank goodness the ny times and Washington post have seen their subscriptions increase pretty dramatically since trump entered the picture (obvs Bezos also helped a lot for wapo). that still doesn't replace the ad revenue they used to generate with the hard-copy editions of the newspapers, but they're monetizing in new ways that will hopefully keep them financially sound and able to hire/retain good journalists.


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I just read Reuters when I'm interested in the news, I can't really stomach anything else.


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libcom and goodreads these days mainly. I tend to avoid most of the marxist-leninist sites not out of ideological purity but because they are full of dunderhead american Harvard manicheans who rather than actually report on workers struggles (but of course they couldn't because they don't actually have any comrades in the socialist countries) play a game of good vs bad nation states. they do not understand the separation between head and hand, at any rate, which is the precondition to abolishing harmony by ultimately realising it in its naked essence. so actually they are closer to that bourgeois buffoon Adam Curtis.

I'll check rhizzone though otherlife, seem to remember it from 2015.
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Any tips on where to start or just dive in?
I'd say the most universally appealing subreddit is 'Ask Reddit'. People ask questions such as 'What's the closest you've come to dying?' or whatever, and - if the thread is popular - hundreds of people answer.

But just searching for your interests is the best way to go, I suppose:

If you're not actively looking for horrible shit you probably won't find it. They've deleted a lot of the most offensive subreddits now, too, trying to clean up their image.