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Only if you're interested in some very dull papers on educational theory.

Welcome to my world...I'm currently trying to put together a beginner's guide to cognitive load theory for teachers - meta cognition being a big area in ed research and such like but it's certainly not written about by prose stylists, that's for sure.


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Ha!, yes. Ive just written a research proposal based around cognitive processing and instructional design. Scintillating stuff.


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The reward for abstaining is revoked for indulging.
The punishment for withholding is lifted following the offering.

flows and interruptions to flows. ruptures. raptures. breaks.
NOT blockages.
disjunctures/fractured continuity.
the willfully applied jolt/to jump channels
to switch track.

the offering which lifts the curse
the appropriate sacrifice to the appropriate god

and the winds whirl up again
and the ship is no more becalmed.

to perceive when, and to whom
what is an appropriate time to wait
to extend the unbroken line and stretch the moment out
and at which point to force the issue

what is intemperance and what fatalism.

what is staying the course and what is willfulness and obstinance.

what is a testing of our fidelity
and what is inflicted as punishment.

what is patience
and what is despair.
Capitalise on feelings of potential: if you feel like writing, write; if you feel like making music, make music etc.

yeah I’m definitely impulsive and curious and work off other people’s energy. When i have said or made things I’ve felt have been valuable it’s when I’ve been in a supportive environment that lets me plug the desire and feelings of potential into a system of feedback. Mind blown by Jurassic park, draw dinosaur, look at my picture mummy, very good shiels do another one

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I am in the privileged position of not having any superhuman abilities but for my more mundane ones it is basically down to self-knowledge I think.

You have to understand your strengths and weaknesses. And how they interrelate. And how what you thought was a weakness might actually be a strength.

And learn from your mistakes. And realise that a life without mistakes is a life wasted.