politics culture wars pt 300: bourgeois fervour vs proletarian indifference

john eden

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This is why the media is so powerful, because it substitutes for personal experiences. If you've never met a socialist, for example, your view of socialism is going to come from whatever media portrayals you encounter (since most people haven't the time or inclination to start reading marx/ist literature).
Also true of social media. Very hard to build bridges there although perhaps the parallel there could be "seems to have a decent sense of humour / taste in music so I will put up with the occasional bit of climate change moaning"


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Well from your hostility to "Remainers" (go fellate Kier Starmer, etc. etc.) I'd got the impression you weren't indifferent at all, but firmly pro-Brexit.

If you couldn't give a toss one way or another then that's a different proposition.
I do give a toss, I just think remain shot themselves in the foot in a huge way and the campaign was, and continues to be, very racist. but that isn't all remainers fault, just as leave being monitised by the far right isn't all leavers fault. If we side with a confederation of bosses or the domestic bosses that's still siding with them whichever way you slice it.

Not that i think a hard brexit is at all likely, we'll be leaving in name really by the end of it. the negotiations will take 10s of years. this is fact. like the media moaning that we need a full proof solution as soon as possible, ain't gonna happen. it will be a long, drawn out and painful process.