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I've been a vegetarian for a few years and it is a hell of a lot easier than when i was one previously...

Leon have recently upped their non meat burger game with something called the Love Burger. It's spoilt by their baked fries which are not chips and you seem to get about seven in a portion.
i haven't had a good jackfruit burger as it seems to me that they are always far too sweet.
I know this is a burger thread but the wagamamma vegan katsu burger is decent.


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The love burger is certainly better than their previous effort, the plant burger, which was a disaster. It just fell apart. Wallpaper paste and cauliflower or something. The love burger is more a meat imitation with some slightly dubious vegan cheese but I'll eat it in a fix. By and large the food at Leon has declined precipitously since, say 2010 when it seemed quite flash.... But that's always the way...

Honest burger do a more vegetable based fritter thing which I've had twice. It's not bad, but it's not my favourite format for a vegeburger and I hate Rosemary fries which they make compulsory as part of your order.


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superiority burger in NYC is a small shop that often has a line out the door, consensus here seems to be it's the best of the veggie burger lot. opened by a chef formerly at a four-star restaurant who came up with his own version (not expensive, though, it's just a small storefront for mostly takeaway orders). I've never had the patience to wait in line for one.