I don’t really think holidays should be banned it’s just a position I have to work through in my mind to get past the oppressive duty to be happy


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Don't get me wrong I miss England

If I didn't have to work I'd be delighted to be there (as delighted as I can be, that is)
You’ve just made me realise how little I use the word England. “I miss England” a repulsive sentence! If people say I live in England I look at them aghast. Do I?


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dissensus mods, I hereby grant you authority to please delete my account if I ever post a selfie with unbuttoned shirt. I'd have obviously lost all remnants of common sense and dignity.


I would like to see pictures of dissensians though... clothes on preferably. Although I don't really care either way to be honest.


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I'm really glad wash you hands has French floors and a garden but I want to see his nipples if possible