rave beyond the pleasure principle, rave as sadomasochistic body punishment


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I really am glad you appeared on here third, because you've championed this side of things which previously would have been either ignored or deplored on here (perhaps I'm being unfair to other dissensoids).

And it's something I relate to, too - I used to go to drum n bass nights like kombination funk in nottingham where it was all tech itch, black sun empire, etc. I did go to have fun but not fun in the sense you'd have fun at a UK garage night. Intensity, transcendence, and so on.

Must admit that these days my tolerance for this stuff is much lower, although your appearance on here has opened me up to the void again.


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tech itch can be good when he does that sort of paranoid cyborg jazz. not jazz in terms of melody or cords but in terms of beats.

but like everyone else he went so 2-step-y. i used to like that 2-step beat when i was younger but it grates after a while. i like my industrial to involve all elements of the body, not necessarily just bang bang stomp, though that works with gabba...


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Intensity is good man

fun is good too but i think alot of people rode for wanting to only listen to "fun" music so hard for so long that its bottomed out for them so now their starving for anything substantial

thinking of all them rap bloggers who were like this in the 2000s who upon soundcloud raps takeover were almost overwhelmed by the fact that they were talking about literally nothing that they started giving other kinds of rap a listen they wouldnt hesitated to laugh out the building years ago