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is not like other people
How on (middle) earth have I not got a girlfriend?
it's maybe because you have not fully embraced the aragon-like valour, legolas-like gracefulness, bilbo-like good humour, gandalf-like wisdom, whatever the dwarf was called-like singlemindedness that the soundtrack should conjure. there's a disconnect between the inner and the outer. once this is fixed you'll be beset with pleas to share your mastery of this middle earth.


is not like other people
you'll be pestered with so many propositions you'll wish you had a special ring to turn you invisible.


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Intriguing thread.

The group Caravan sound very English countryside - and although that's partly suggestion from their albums covers and some song titles ("Golf Girl" inevitably makes you picture the undulations of a golf course) it does feel like a property of the music .... rolling hills, green light coming through leaves overhead.... and the weather of England, the soft rains of summer... it seem to be in there, in the milky keyboard sound and the gentle rhythms and those self-effacing, mild vocals....

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A lot of that Canterbury, Kevin Ayers-y type stuff, has that vibe.... and then Ultramarine picked up on it for their 'pastoral techno' record Every Man Woman Is A Star
Caravan pretty much define mellow. Kevin Ayers can be a bit more knotty, eg the Dr Dream lp with that Irreversible Neural Damage tune or whatever it’s called.

Most music I listen to gets distilled down while walking in various landscapes. Not for the entirety, then you’re missing out on so much natural sound around you, it’s sublime just to bask in it some days.

Field recordings are a non-tricksy way in, Chris Watson elbow bumps. Phil Legard deserves a mention too. Have to say House was partially discovered by shindigs out under the stars in the middle of nowhere. The deeper kind never felt like an intrusion, or transgression, just as long you tidied up after you’d finished. Free parties like this cemented a desire to explore landscape histories, which looped back round with more experimental music too.

The festival thing has been so perverted, but they’ve an ancient affiliation with landscapes in Britain and Ireland that you don’t have to scratch too far down to find its psychological & material traces.